How to grow jalapenos on a balcony

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Jalapenos are a spicy pepper that are best known for their zesty kick. These spicy peppers are perfect for stir-fries, chilis, or stuffing with cheese! If you love jalapenos but are worried about a lack of garden space, worry no longer: the following guide will help you learn how to grow jalapenos on your balcony with ease.

Before Getting Started

The following is some key information to know before you start growing jalapenos on your balcony.

  • Climate: Jalapenos need warm temperatures, and a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit is necessary for them to grow properly. The ideal growing temperature for jalapenos is between 56 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a region where the weather is cool all year round, you should consider a different plant. They should be planted in the mid to late spring, when the weather is no longer cool at night.
  • Sunlight: Jalapenos need loves of full sunlight! They need at least 8 hours of full sunlight a day, and you should avoid partial shade unless you live somewhere where the temperatures are regularly over 85 degrees. If so, you can move the plant to partial shade on very hot days.
  • Planter: Jalapenos require quite a bit of room if you want them to produce lots of delicious peppers. The minimum size you’ll want to start with is a 5 gallon pot, but you can go down to 2 gallons; just remember that your pepper yield will be smaller with 2 gallons.
  • Indoors or Outdoors? Jalapenos can be grown indoors with artificial lighting, but they are best grown outdoors if you want them to produce the most peppers.

What You’ll Need

The following are the basic supplies you’ll need to grow jalapenos on your balcony.

  • 5 gallon pot or 2 gallon pot
  • Jalapeno seeds
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer

Step by Step Instructions

The following are some simple step by step instructions that will get you started growing jalapenos on your balcony.

1. Prepare your container

First, prepare your pot by filling it with high quality soil. You should opt for high quality soil so that your jalapeno plant produces better quality peppers.

2. Plant your seeds

Plant jalapeno seeds about 1/4 inch into the soil; you don’t need to plant many of them, just two or three should be enough to start your jalapeno plant growth.

3. Water and maintain

Water your soil until the top inch is moist but not watery. Continue watering every other day, as needed, when the top inch is dry.

Growing Notes

Here are some essential growing notes to keep in mind for your balcony jalapeno plants.

  • Water: Jalapeno plants should be watered every other day, or whenever the top inch is no longer moist. Do no over water, because jalapenos are particularly vulnerable to root rot.
  • Growth: It will take about 80 days for your jalapeno plant to go from seed to fully formed plant with harvest-ready peppers.
  • Maintenance: Fertilizer your jalapenos with a diluted solution every third watering; bring your jalapeno plant to a partially shaded location on days over 85 degrees; place the plant indoors or under a cover when it rains to avoid rainwater over saturating the plant.