How to water plants from the bottom

by balconyboss
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Did you know that there is more than one way to water a plant? In fact, different methods for watering plants can lead to vastly different results when it comes to keeping plants at just the right moisture level. One of the most common methods for watering plants is called watering from the bottom. The following guide will help you learn why watering from the bottom is recommended along with a guide on the best way to water plants from the bottom.

Why Should You Water Plants from the Bottom?

Watering plants from the bottom has numerous benefits. Some of the critical benefits include the fact that watering from the bottom reduces the risk for various issues, such as root rot, pests, and other moisture-related problems common in plants.

Another benefit of watering plants from the bottom is the fact that it can help increase root strength, as plant roots will absorb water better when watered from the bottom compared to when plants are watered from the top.

Another reason why watering from the bottom can benefit plants is the fact that since plants will absorb the water from the “bottom up,” it allows the plant to take in fresh air through the soil.

Although there are many benefits, there are also some considerations to keep in mind when watering from the bottom. Watering from the bottom is far more time-consuming than watering from the top, particularly since you will need to place the plant in a separate container and then wait for it to absorb the water.

Watering from the bottom can also make it more difficult for some plants to absorb water, particularly older plants which are not actively growing or plants with hard or old soil.

Despite these potential disadvantages, however, many plant owners appreciate that the benefits of watering from the bottom typically outweigh the potential issues.

How to Water Plants from the Bottom

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to water your plants from the bottom.

Step One

First, place your pot into a basin that will hold the water. You should make sure that the basin does not have any cracks or holes in it before you use it; the basin should also be large enough to accommodate your pot with room to spare. Then, pour about 1 inch of water into the basin.

Step Two

Wait for the plant to absorb the water. It will typically take about 20 minutes before most plants to absorb the water from the basin, but it can take longer for certain types of soil; at most, you will need to wait an hour for plants with hard or oil soil.

Step Three

Remove the plant and allow any excess water to drain from the soil. Rinse out the basin so that it can be used again when your plant needs to be watered.


Watering from the bottom does require more effort than watering from the top, but it can be an effective way to ensure that your plant grows strong and healthy.