Get this Look: Boho Fall Balcony

by balconyboss
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Boho style balconies look great all year round, but we love how the base design works with accents of fall color. If you love what this balcony has to offer and want to create your own version, read on for our top picks.

Our Picks

This look is super simple to recreate at home. We’ve done some digging to find items that are a similar or exact match.


This rug perfectly captures boho vibes because it adds geometric “worldly” patterns to the space. It’s suitable for outdoor use and comes in a wide range of sizes so you can find the perfect size for your balcony.

Table & Chairs

This table and chairs set bring in natural-look materials that are characteristic of boho style. Plus, the iron frames are durable and make them suitable for outdoor spaces.

Pumpkin decorations

There are plenty of ways to decorate your balcony with pumpkins when fall comes around. Check out our guide on fall decorations for more ideas.

Decorative Pillows

Much like the rug, these throw pillows are a perfect way to bring boho décor to your balcony. Look for geometric patterns typical of countries such as Morocco.

Boho plants

Boho style is closely associated with plants, and you’ve got plenty of choices. Check out our full guide on boho plants to see what works best. The plants in this picture include a snake plant, hanging ivy, a palm and an orchid.

image inspiration credit: designwithkarla_