Get this Look: Chic and Modern Balcony Vibes

by balconyboss
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We love how this picture combines modern elements with warm tones to create a surprisingly inviting and relaxing space. If you agree and want to give your balcony a makeover, read on to find out how.

Our picks

Everything in this picture is pretty easy to source (including the floor). We’ve done the hard work for you, although you’ll have to provide your own cake!


These floor tiles interlock and sit over your existing floor, making them simple to install. The picture looks like teak or acacia, but there are plenty of types available.


This 2-person outdoor seat screams modern with its exposed metalwork and color palette. Accessorize with contrasting pillows so it doesn’t look too dark.


String lights are an easy way to light balconies, as they work perfectly with railings. Add a lantern (complete with LED candles), and you’re good to go.

Railing planters

Using wall hangers for your plant pots gives you more flexibility with the overall design. But if you want some more guidance on what works best, check out our guide on railing planters.

Coffee table

Modernism is all about glass things, so this coffee table is perfect. The metal frame feels industrial, another tick in the modern box. It’s also rust-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor spaces.