Get This Look: Cozy and Colorful Tiny Balcony

by balconyboss
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We love the pops of color and cozy vibes that transform this tiny balcony into a room of its own. If you like the look of this tiny balcony and want to recreate its style at home, we’ve got you covered.

Our Picks

It doesn’t take much to get this look. We’ve found items that are both affordable and very closely match the items in the feature photo. Here’s what you’ll need.


This multi-color runner brings wonderful color and vibes to small, narrow spaces. Just make sure you select the proper rug size based on your individual space.

Also, while it’s not technically an outdoor rug, it will work fine on covered or enclosed balconies with minimal foot traffic, which shouldn’t be a problem on a small balcony. Just make sure to bring it indoors if you get any wet weather.  


These stackable chairs are not only stylish and made for both the indoors and outdoors, but they can also be easily stored away when not in use – a major plus for a tiny balcony!

Chair covers

Rather than going the traditional chair cushion route, pair your metal chairs with these stylish and comfy faux sheepskin chair covers.

Side table

This outdoor side table is perfect for small spaces and will work with many décor styles. As an added bonus for tiny balconies, it’s rust-resistant, weatherproof and easy to move around.

Floor Lantern

LED floor lanterns provide ambient lighting and are great additions to balconies that don’t have access to outlets.


You have lots of flexibility when it comes to selecting a throw to go over your faux sheepskin. We love how this balcony selected one that looks similar to the rug, so we’ve found this one for good measure.


Add some ivy or pothos to your space to replicate the greenery on the side table and on the balcony railing. Check out our article on hanging plants for more specific guidance!