How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Porch or Balcony Light

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Are bugs plaguing your porch or balcony because of a light? If so, you are not alone: homeowners and apartment-dwellers alike face the problem of bugs being attracted to lights that are designed to make residential spaces more comfortable and secure. The following guide will help you learn how to keep bugs away from your porch or balcony lights.

7 Ways to Keep Bugs Away From Your Porch or Balcony Light

1. Install a bug zapper

The old school method for getting rid of bugs around outdoor lights is to install a bug zapper. Bug zappers attract bugs and then kill them with electricity. These are effective, but they can be noisy and potentially emit a smell if enough bugs are killed. These are best for areas that are not used very often.

2. Use LED bulbs on outdoor lights

One way to keep bugs away is to make your lights less attractive. Bugs are attracted to the emission of heat and waves from light bulbs, so installing cooler LED bulbs will instantly reduce the amount of bugs who find your porch or balcony light appealing.

3. Consider an outdoor fan

If possible, install an outdoor ceiling fan on your balcony or porch–if you have the proper type of overhang for it. Circulating air will keep bugs away while also keeping the area cool and comfortable.

4. Remove elements that attract bugs outdoors

Check your balcony or porch for anything that might make bugs attracted to the area. This includes but is not limited to: standing water, leftover food, certain types of smells such as floral smells, and certain plants. If possible, remove these elements to help keep bugs away.

5. Use motion-sensor lights to reduce light activity

The light itself is naturally the most appealing thing about your balcony or porch, so it’s not likely that you can do away with the light entirely. However, you can reduce bug activity by reducing light activity: in other words, install a light designed to turn on with a motion sensor. This will help prevent bugs from accumulating near a light that is always turned on. You can also find lights that are dim until activated by a motion sensor, which will still be fairly effective in reducing bugs.

6. Opt for bug-repelling yellow bulbs

Another way that you can make the light on your porch or balcony less appealing is by changing the bulb color. White bulbs are the most popular for porches and balconies, but they have a light frequency which makes them very visible to insects. Yellow bulbs, on the other hand, are not as visible to bugs and are best for outdoor areas.

7. Use mesh screens to enclose porches or balconies

If the space will allow it, installing a mesh screen around your porch or balcony to enclose it is a great permanent solution for reducing bugs. Most bugs will not be able to fit through the mesh screen, and you won’t have to worry about being swarmed when sitting on your porch or balcony in the evening.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some good tips for keeping those pests away. Now, go ahead and enjoy your space!