Balcony décor can be a challenge, especially if you have no experience. To help, here’s our balcony decorating 101 guide. We’ll look at design, décor elements, and how to create a coherent style.

Setting Goals for Balcony Decorating

Whether you’re giving your balcony a complete makeover or a simple refresh, it’s important to set your goals early. These include the timeline, budget, style, and restrictions of your space.                              



The Use of Your Balcony

The most obvious thing to consider is what you'll be using your balcony space for. Will it be a dining area, outdoor cinema, a reading nook, or a catio? This will affect the design.

Consider the Décor Style

If you don't have experience with design, it's best to go with one style with clear principles, but you can mix it up a bit if you know what you're doing!


Carefully Choose Your Colors

We could write an article on color theory, but the basics are that light colors make spaces look larger while dark colors do the opposite. Neutrals work for walls, and bold colors work for décor.


There are quite a few things to consider when designing and decorating your balcony space. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration and help. For more info, check out the rest of this guide on our website!


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