Looking for a dog potty solution for your apartment? I’ve built plenty of DIY dog potties on my balcony.

Here, you’ll find several ideas, along with step-by-step instructions and supply lists!

DIY Potty Box #1 – The Original Real Grass Dog Potty

SUPPLIES NEEDED - Lumber - Screws  - Peg board - Landscape fabric - Potting / Garden Soil


Determine your specs This all depends on the actual layout of your outdoor space and how large you want your dog-friendly balcony area to be.

DIY potty box #2 – The Improved Real Grass + Pebbles Combo Dog Potty

For my second outdoor dog potty, I decided to mix up the look at little bit and make it a half real grass / half rocks area.

Supplies Needed

- Potting soil and sod - Rocks or pebbles


- Only lay the potting soil on approximately half of your dog's potty box. You will only need the soil layer to go underneath the grass; it isn’t needed under the rocks.

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