When it comes to the essentials, balcony gardening isn’t drastically different from any other type of gardening.

That said, you might need to prioritize certain things due to space or opt for more compact versions.

No matter whether you’re starting a veg or herb garden, want to grow some flowers, or aren’t yet sure what type of garden you want, this story is for you.

Gardening Tools

At the most basic level, a gardening toolkit should contain: -Gloves -Trowel -Fork -Pruning shears


Planters are another universal and essential component of a balcony garden. After all, it’s unlikely that you’ve got actual ground to work with, so all your plants will need to go in pots.

Watering Can

There’s not really much to say about watering cans. If you’ve got more than one plant to water, go for a 5-gallon watering can at minimum.

Seed Trays

Seed trays, also known as propagator trays, consist of individual compartments designed for germinating seeds. Ideally, choose seed trays with lids so you have more control over temperature and humidity.

Trellis or Lattice

Trellises and lattices are almost universal gardening items. Climbing plants can be for show or food, so any plant that needs support while growing will benefit from a trellis.

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