Urban living has plenty of benefits, but one of the things we apartment dwellers often miss out on is having a backyard or some outdoor green space.

Grass is one of those things that’s synonymous with backyards, and while it’s something you rarely see on balconies, it’s surprisingly much easier to add grass to a balcony than you think!

-Somewhere for kids to play -A natural balcony flooring -A pet potty area -A home for bugs

Why Add Balcony Grass?

Grow Real Grass

The short version is that you’ll basically grow a patch of grass from seed or you’ll roll some sod in a sandbox or similar tray.

Keeping it contained in this way will prevent damage to your balcony and means the grass won’t take over.

Use Fake Grass

Unsurprisingly, the next option is to use fake grass. It’s probably a more straightforward option because, once you’ve laid it, you’re pretty much done with maintenance.

Get a Grass Subscription

Who knew you could get grass on subscription? Well, you can, and options like Doggie Lawn are ideal for balconies.

In short, they send you a patch of grass every few weeks, which you fit into a tray. Your dog can then use it to go to the bathroom.

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