Balconies are generally limited in floor space, which means growing plants can be a challenge. An obvious solution to this problem is climbing plants.

However, there are some important considerations when picking out climbing plants for a balcony.

Climbing plants are ones that usually grow vines rather than traditional stems. They support themselves on structures (or other plants) using tendrils or suckers.

Why Choose Climbing Plants for a Balcony?

Best for flowers: Passionflower

Deciding on the best flowering climbing plant is incredibly difficult because there are so many. Passionflower wins here, as it ‘only’ produces lovely flowers.

Best for privacy: Jasmine

A good pick for a privacy climbing plant because you can get evergreen varieties.

Best for beginners: Clematis

There are so many types of clematis that you’ll easily find one to suit your balcony’s aspect and layout. It’ll need some kind of support – a trellis or mesh hung on a wall will be fine.

Best for wildlife: Honeysuckle

The flowers often smell amazing, and you can get both daytime and evening varieties. Better yet, they attract animals throughout their growth cycle.

Best for fruit: Blackberries

We went with blackberries because they’re fairly easy to care for and will produce an abundant amount of fruit after most other plants have finished.

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