Building a DIY dog potty can be useful for keeping your pet’s business contained in a small area.

Whether you’ve got a backyard, a balcony, or any other kind of outdoor space, a designated potty space can help keep things a bit cleaner.

In this story, we’ll look at the 9 best materials for a dog potty area. By the end, you should have a decent idea of what’ll work best in your dog’s potty.

Real grass

It’s completely dog safe, has good drainage, and can be customized to whatever size you want.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass has the advantage of not bleaching from dog pee, and the drainage is still good. However, the surface temperature can be 20 degrees F higher than real grass in full sun, which isn’t pleasant for your dog.

Pea gravel

It’s got good drainage, is easy to clean, and won’t smell like artificial grass. You could use it in any outdoor space, provided you’ve got somewhere to hose the water down.


Mulch can be a good option for a dog potty because it’s super absorbent, meaning it’s easy to dispose of the soiled material.


Sand is a good option for a dog potty if it’s built in a covered area. Plenty of dogs like digging in the sand, so it can give them a bit more enjoyment than other materials.

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