Finding a privacy solution for your outdoor space is a challenge that plants can address.

In this story, we’ll go over all the things you need to consider before choosing the right privacy plants, and we’ll also give you a number of great options to help you narrow down your selections.

SUNLIGHT Plants need sunlight to thrive, and the orientation of your balcony plays a significant role in how much sunlight your privacy plants can get on any given day.

What to Know Before Choosing Privacy Plants


Not all lavenders are small like those in railing planters, so you can find varieties that go up to three feet easily. Lavender is suitable for hardiness zones 5 through 9.


There are several different varieties, so you can get the size that works for your balcony space, and this plant tolerates part-shade conditions.


It does require that you keep it out of the wind, so keep that in mind. A hollyhock can grow to be over 12 feet tall, and you can get them with distinctly colored flowers for your privacy screen.


Most bamboo is from temperate climates, but you can find varieties from the mountains that are a little hardier and cold-resistant if you need to.

Pampas Grass

This plant has a distinctive tuft at the top over summer and fall. Since it is a grass, pampas tends to grow quickly and well in pots. This plant also tolerates sea salt spray.

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