Having a cat-proof balcony is vital, particularly if you’re anywhere above the second floor. Also, if you live in a busy area, the last thing you want is your house cat escaping over your balcony railing!

So, let’s look at how to make your balcony a safe space for cats. Before we jump into the best options, we’ll go over some important considerations for creating a cat-safe space.

The Balcony Itself If you have an uncovered balcony, the best option will be to just keep your cat inside.

What to Consider for a Cat Proof Balcony

Plexiglass panels

You’ll need to drill some holes in the panels and then zip-tie them to your railing. While this is a bit more work than some other options, it should be renter-friendly.

Furniture placement

All you need to do is keep taller objects away from the railings. Things like sofas, chairs, and tables are all perfect jumping platforms for cats.

Bamboo or reed fence

A useful addition to your existing balcony railing or wall. The idea is to make it taller, so your cat can’t jump over.

Cat-friendly plants

Cats sometimes enjoy munching on plants. As such, making a cat proof balcony is about more than stopping them from escaping. If you notice your cat is curious about plants, make sure you stick to ones that aren’t toxic.

Stop them from getting on the railing

Bird or cat spikes are one of the easiest ways to stop cats from jumping on a balcony railing. While they might not look friendly, they’re one of the most effective ways to catproof a balcony.

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