As temperatures rise during the summer months, home and apartment dwellers often find themselves struggling to keep their homes cool without breaking the bank.

One effective way to beat the heat is by blocking it from entering through windows or doors.

Light passes through the glass and turns into heat energy. This then can’t escape, meaning it sits in the air around your glass windows and doors.

Understanding Heat Transfer

Blackout blinds

They’re designed to block up to 100% of light, which also blocks heat. Of course, this does mean sitting in the dark, but it’s a small sacrifice if your home is too hot.

Aluminum foil

Foil reflects heat, which is generally why we use it in cooking. This also makes it ideal for covering your windows.

Shade sail/awning

Your outdoor area could be making your heat problem worse. So, one of the best cheap ways to block heat from windows is to use a shade sail. You could buy one or make it yourself.

Bubble wrap

The little air pockets trap heat and stop it from transferring through the material. Again, it won’t look the best, but it can reduce heat transfer by up to 50%.

Cellular blinds

Like bubble wrap, these insulate and so reduce heat transfer. In fact, cellular shades can reduce heat transfer by up to 60%.

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