Regardless of your purpose, there are plenty of cheap ways to cover walls outdoors. Importantly, some require very little effort and are suitable for renters who can’t make drastic changes to their space.

In this story, we’ll cover some of our favorite cheap ways to cover walls.

The main reason why you might want to cover a wall is because of looks. It could just be ugly or dull or you could be redecorating and it doesn’t fit with your new vibe.

Why Cover Walls?

Climbing Plants

An obvious place to start is with climbing plants. Providing you use the right support, you could grow climbing plants up any wall surface and in any outdoor space.


There’s not much to say about paint because we all know what it is. You can get paint for all wall surfaces, giving you great flexibility over designs.

Reed or Bamboo Fencing

An inexpensive and quick solution for covering walls. You buy it in rolls and then just fix it in place. It’s the same for bamboo fencing, which you can buy or make yourself.


You can decorate shelving to hide an ugly wall or set up a cabinet to use as an outdoor bar. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not pricey furniture because it could get ruined outdoors.

Boxwood Hedge Panels

Are one of the most effective. Aside from painting, they probably provide some of the best wall coverage with minimal effort.

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