Screening a porch allows you to use the space throughout the year without worrying about bugs or other creatures.

However, screening in a porch can get pretty expensive – averaging $2,000 for a 200 sq. ft. porch. Expect labor to make up around 60% of this price, too.

The bottom line is that a screened porch is useful for giving you access to fresh air and the outdoors without being pestered by bugs or having to sit in the blaring hot sun.

Why Screen in a Porch?

Outdoor Curtains

A budget-friendly alternative to a traditional porch screen is outdoor curtains. Depending on how much privacy/shade you want, you could choose from opaque curtains or sheer net curtains.

Roller Shades

Bamboo shades are a good option because they’re inexpensive and lightweight. However, they’re not as weather-resistant as treated fabric curtains, so make sure you take them down during wetter weather.

DIY Screens

If you want actual porch screens, the best material to use is fiberglass mesh. It’s less expensive than metal mesh and is safer around kids and pets because there’s no risk of injury.

Vinyl Sheeting

It has good weather resistance, but the specifics depend on the thickness you use. Also, bear in mind it could make your porch very warm, which could be nice in the winter but less so in the summer.

Artificial Greenery Roll

Artificial hedge will give you plenty of privacy but won’t be as weatherproof as traditional porch screens. Also, it’ll still let bugs through, so bear that in mind if either of these factors are a priority.

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