Balcony Dog Potty


There are lots of options for a balcony dog potty area, but a DIY project has a major advantage over the others because it gives you the ability to customize every single aspect of your project to fit your needs.

The Original Real Grass Dog Potty

Build out your frame, create a base layer of pea gravel. Next place peg boards, cover those with landscape fabric. Then place your soil and finally the sod, pat down and water.


The Improved Real Grass + Pebbles Combo Dog Potty

For my second outdoor dog potty, I decided to mix up the look at little bit and make it a half real grass / half rocks area.


The Easiest, Tools-Free Real Grass Dog Potty

I replaced the wood frame with Vigoro Rubber Garden Edging pieces. No power tools needed!


When planning out your specs, I’d recommend sticking with measurements in multiples of 4. Most of the supplies out there (like the peg boards, edging and sod are 4 ft something.) This will just make measuring and buying so much easier on your end.

Project Notes

Overall Dog Potty Maintenance

Watering your grass is super important! At the beginning, I would suggest watering a couple of times a day. After a week or so, just make sure it’s watered once per day

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