Drought tolerant plants are ideal for balconies for numerous reasons. First, you might not (or can’t) use a lot of water on your plants.

Second, keeping plants in containers usually requires more upkeep. And third, you might not be great at keeping plants alive.

If you fit one or more of these needs, here are 10 drought tolerant plants that’re perfect for balconies.

Snake Plants

Are indoor plants mainly, but you could keep them outdoors in warm areas. They thrive on neglect and only need watering every few months.

Lamb’s Ear

Suitable for more temperate areas but still doesn’t need a lot of water. Its furry, silvery leaves look great against greener plants, and it’s perfect for filling small gaps in pots.

Cacti and Succulents

They’re better for warmer balconies, but enclosed balconies in colder areas will be fine with cacti. You’re lucky if you need to water them more than 3 times a year.

Ornamental Grasses

Such as sedge, pampas, and others – need less water than “normal” plants. This makes them ideal drought tolerant plants, and they work well as privacy screens, too.


Compared to other drought tolerant plants, rosemary needs a bit more watering. But at once every 2-4 weeks, it’s still not that labor intensive. Plus, you have the benefit of on-demand herbs for cooking!

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