At the most basic level, an expandable trellis or expandable lattice is used to support plants. But there’s plenty you can do with these products outside of plant support.

In this story, we’ll look at 9 ways to use an expandable trellis or lattice and we’ll offer some recommendations.

Simply put, an expandable trellis or expandable lattice is made to fold up and expand to various sizes.

What is an Expandable Lattice/Trellis?

Privacy screen

An expandable lattice makes a good privacy screen because it’s easy to install and you can take it down when it’s not needed.

Hanging stuff

An expanding trellis is an ideal base for hanging things, whether indoors or outdoors. For example, you could hang plants, pictures, or other decorations.

Lighting fixture

You could hang string lights off it or hang a trellis from the ceiling and turn it into a chandelier. Alternatively, you could hang colored mason jars for a more boho design.

Railing topper

A small expanding trellis with faux ivy is ideal for adding a bit more height to a fence. You can either secure it to the top of your railing or you can buy an extra tall one to add balcony height.

Supporting plants

Expanding lattices and trellises are great for plant support because you can tailor them to the exact size you need.

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