Most privacy toppers on the market are designed for wood fences, but these designs aren’t great for people working with different materials, such as walls, balcony railings, and iron fences.

So, we’re here to address this gap. In this story, we’ll go over 9 ideas for privacy toppers that’ll work on all kinds of walls and fences.

Privacy toppers are fairly  self-explanatory. They’re extensions for fences, walls, and railings to make them taller.

What are Privacy Toppers?

Wood fence topper

These are made for wood fences and are the most common option on the market. You’ll find loads of designs with different decorations on them, too.

Vinyl Wall Topper

Vinyl wall toppers for privacy come in all kinds of designs, and they’re all weatherproof. As the name suggests, you can fix them to brick and concrete walls with anchors.

Artificial Hedge

While not technically a privacy topper, you could use a roll of fake ivy to increase the height of a wall or balcony railing. You’ll need to include supports, but you could use anything sturdy.

Freestanding Panels

These don’t really count as privacy toppers, but they are a good option for renters. If you have a balcony with railings and you can’t do anything to them, consider standing a panel behind them instead.

Aluminum Fence Panels

Some composite fence panels would work as wall toppers for privacy. With the right installation, you could probably fix them to iron railings, too.

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