Adding shade for plants to your outdoor space might sound counterintuitive, but it can actually make a big difference.

However, the need for extra shade will depend on your area’s sun exposure and the plants you’re growing.

The short answer is that not all plants like direct sunlight.

Why Create Shade for Plants?

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is mesh with varying density, which dictates how much light it lets through. It comes in different colors but black is the most common.

Shade Sail

Unsurprisingly, they do a great job of reducing sun exposure and they’re easy to set up. You might find that the fabric is too dense for plants, as it’s designed for people.

Mesh Greenhouse

It’s a portable greenhouse made from shade cloth fabric. It lets in a decent amount of sunlight but will reduce the chances of your plants getting sunburn.

DIY Plant Shade

A rectangle is the easiest shape to build, but you could always angle the top depending on your space’s aspect. Finally, stretch the shade cloth over the top and tie in place.

Using Other Plants

You’ll use tall or bushy plants to protect smaller and more delicate plants. This can be ideal for balconies, where you don’t have loads of choice for where you set up plants.

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