As the summer temperature rises, balconies might not always provide the relief you need. After all, if they’re in a sunny spot, they’re bound to be almost as warm as indoors.

So, to help you out, here are 14 ways to keep your balcony or outdoor space cool this summer.

We’ve included a good mix of easy ideas and DIY options so, one way or another, you should get some relief from the scorching summer sun.


Curtains are perfect for creating a bit of shade on a balcony. Sheer curtains are a pleasant summer option because they’re not too heavy and will still let a bit of breeze in.

Add a rug

Laying a rug on your balcony floor is great for keeping the temperature down. Floor surfaces are either reflective or absorptive, neither of which are great for hot weather.

Install a patio mister

Unsurprisingly, it produces a thin layer of mist to help keep you cool. The benefit of using a mister is that you can install it around the top of your balcony for ultimate coverage.

Rearrange plants

If you’ve got tall plants on your balcony, use them as a sun shade. Simply position them between the sun and your seating area for a bit of welcome relief.

Create shade

An umbrella does a good job, and they have the benefit of not being fixed to anything. However, most of them are pretty big, so might not be suitable for balconies.

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