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Knowing how to hang a flag on a balcony might not seem complicated, but the process can vary depending on the balcony. So, to help you out, here are some tips on how to hang a flag from a balcony!

Hanging from a Balcony Railing

Hanging a flag from a standard railing is perhaps the easiest method, you'll need a flag pole and a flag pole bracket to achieve this, but the installation is simple.



Hanging from a Wall or Railing (No Pole)

Using adhesive hooks for this method makes the process pretty easy. Simply install the hooks and attach the flag from its grommets!

Hanging a Flag from the Ceiling

This method can be used inside as well as on the balcony. We use adhesive Velcro that's renter friendly, and attach it to the flag and then stick it to the desired surface.


Hanging a Flag on a Glass Balcony

You can use method two here, but this suggestion is for glass specifically. Instead of adhesive hooks, use suction hooks! It will leave the glass cleaner than adhesive would.


While hanging a flag isn’t difficult, it’s helpful to choose the right tools for the job. As you can see, the method for how to hang a flag varies slightly depending on the type of balcony you have.


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