Increasing the height of a balcony railing can be a challenge, depending on what type of railing you have. That said, there are plenty of options that work for all kinds of railing.

So, in this story, we’ll cover the different ways to increase the height of a balcony railing. You’ll find both renter-friendly and permanent options here, too.

Safety.  For example, if you have kids or pets that you’re worried might be able to climb over.

Why Add a Balcony Railing Height Extension?

Fence topper

The most obvious place to start is by adding a fence topper. They’re available in different materials and you could DIY one if you want.


If safety is your main concern, plexiglass panels are a good option. Find ones that are a foot or two taller than your railing and secure them in place with zip ties.

Lattice panels

A wood lattice is a great option for how to increase the height of a balcony railing. You could add a small one to the top or use a larger one that reaches the balcony floor.

DIY extension

How you tackle a DIY railing extension will depend on your railing and the available materials. A good option is wood pallets, as you can get a lot of lumber from these.

Privacy screen

This option will, unsurprisingly, increase privacy on your balcony. A tall privacy screen also works well as a balcony railing height extension that doesn’t mess with the existing railing.

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