Keep Squirrels Off Your Balcony


Squirrels might be super cute, but they are wild and unpredictable rodents that you’ll probably want to keep away from your balcony. Here we'll show you some tips to help you humanely keep squirrels away!

Don’t feed them

Squirrels are creatures of habit and are excellent at remembering behaviors. If you feed them – even if it’s just once, they will remember and will recognize you (and your balcony) as a trusted source of food.



Remove all food 

Even if you’ve avoided intentionally feeding squirrels, they are curious rodents that love to eat and will try almost anything. Make sure you don’t leave any food items (dog food included) on your balcony.  

Squirrel repellant

Try wiping down your railings, floor perimeters or furniture legs with dishwashing soap mixed with water, or opt for a natural repellant like peppermint spray that’s safe for both humans and pets.


Avoid bird feeders

There are certain foods that squirrels particularly love, and birdseed is one of them. If attracting squirrels is of any concern at all, just don’t get a bird feeder to be on the safe side.


The best thing you can do is to avoid attracting them in the first place. If they’re already a problem, there are luckily a number of ways to effectively and humanely deal with them. Check out the rest of our guide for more tips!


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