Small balconies are often a symptom of urban living, and can unfortunately feel cramped and uninviting.

However, playing with some simple design techniques can make your space feel much larger, enhancing your outdoor living experience and giving you maximum usage from your balcony.

So, here are 14 tips to make a small balcony look (and feel) bigger.

Try Minimalism

To implement this, simply cut back to the bare essentials on your balcony, and the space should look larger.

Use Wall Space

In smaller spaces, you’ll want to use every surface available. On a balcony, this means using walls and railings for hanging things, such as storage and decorations.

Grow Plenty of Plants

Plants can help your balcony feel bigger by drawing the eye in different directions. By extension, it prevents you from focusing on the hard lines that define the edges of your balcony.

DIY Furniture

Building your own furniture should be a fairly obvious way to work with your balcony’s spatial restrictions. For example, you could build a custom seating area that’s perfectly suited to your narrow balcony.

Add a Rug

Throwing a loud rug on the floor can make a balcony feel much larger, provided it’s the right pattern. Geometric shapes work well, as do straight lines.

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