It’s often the case that people who live in apartments or condos don’t make the most of their balcony space. Privacy is a big barrier to enjoying a balcony, and it’s completely understandable.

After all, why would you want all your neighbors to see you relaxing on your balcony?

But it no longer has to be a restriction in making the most of your outdoor space. In fact, making an apartment balcony private is easier than you think!

Privacy screens

The only real downsides to privacy screens are that most will block out some light in favor of privacy, and will likely be more expensive than the other options.

Privacy Plants

A great and more natural option for balcony privacy involves using plants. Not only will this make your space feel more private, it’ll add plenty of green, too.

Outdoor curtains

Ideal for enclosing an apartment balcony because they offer privacy and make the space feel cozier. Curtains will obviously block out the sun, which may or may not be a benefit.

Fake ivy

It’s a good option for those wondering how to make a balcony private quickly because it’s ready within minutes.

Roll-up outdoor shades

These are essentially blinds that aren’t made from fabric, meaning they’re suitable for all weather conditions.

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