A balcony can be an incredibly relaxing space. After all, who doesn’t love to unwind with a good book and a glass of wine while soaking up some fresh air?

If you live in a city or crowded urban setting, however, a balcony can also be a really noisy space full of honking cars and bustling street traffic.

Location is one of the biggest sources of balcony noise. Balconies can be near high traffic areas, overpasses, or highways that bring a lot of noise with them.

Why are balconies noisy?

Get a floor rug

Balcony floors are typically made of concrete, metal or wood and provide the perfect surface for sound to reflect and bounce off balcony walls or ceiling.

Install outdoor noise barriers

Other noise barriers like thick fencing or privacy screens can help reduce the amount of noise filtering through to your balcony area.

Add outdoor noise reduction curtains

Curtains help absorb sound from coming into your balcony space and are a unique solution because they’re one of the few ways to provide complete floor to ceiling coverage.

Introduce noise reduction plants

If greenery is your thing, some plants are pretty good at blocking noise. They won’t be as effective as other options on this list, but they can still make an impact.

Fill your wall space

Allow noise to bounce off their surfaces and reverberate around the area. You can combat this by adding a number of décor items to your balcony wall that will absorb sound instead.

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