plants for windy balconies

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There are some challenges when finding plants for a windy balcony. We’ll go over the best plants for windy balconies and suggest some of the most suitable pots for keeping your plants in place.

Cypress: Best for Wind Blocking

Cypress are bushy and evergreen and do well in windy conditions. They’re pretty good at blocking wind thanks to their dense foliage. You can grow them in pots, too.



Bamboo: Best for Privacy

Bamboo is incredibly flexible, meaning it’ll just bend in the wind. There are plenty of varieties that’ll work well in all climates for different privacy needs.

Ornamental Grass: Best for Sound

Ornamental grasses sound amazing when the wind blows through them. They’ll take very little damage, even in difficult conditions, making them one of the best for a windy balcony.


Lavender: Best for Scent

Lavender has no issue with wind. For best results, look for a small, bushy variety so it stays nice and compact. In a planter on the ground, there’s very little that could go wrong.


Hopefully, you can now go out and pick the best plants for a windy balcony. The most important thing is to factor in your climate, but you’ll generally want to aim for plants from arid climates if you want them to be resilient.


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