A balcony privacy screen is one of the best ways to make your outdoor space feel more private and secluded from the world. There are so many kinds of screens, so let us show you what we recommend!

Bamboo or Reed Fencing

Bamboo and reed fencing is inexpensive and very easy to install if your balcony already has railings and it’d work great with a boho style space.



Metal Privacy Screens

A metal screen might not offer as much privacy as some other options, but it's great for growing plants up it like a trellis, or for dividing spaces.

Mesh Privacy Screen

Mesh offers a good compromise between visibility and privacy. Coverage can be up to 90% while still letting light in!


Canvas Privacy Screen

A classic option for an apartment balcony privacy is a canvas screen. However, it’s a more expensive choice and not as commercially available as mesh screens.


Find out what you like best and what looks right in your space, and I'm sure you will find the perfect balcony privacy screen for you! I hope this guide was helpful! If you need more ideas, why not check out my website?


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