Using a lattice for privacy is just one of the product’s many functions. While you’ll get the best results if you grow plants up, this isn’t always necessary, unlike with a trellis.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of ways to use a privacy lattice on a balcony. To help get you inspired, here are 6 ways to use a lattice for privacy.

Maintenance While lattices don’t need a ton of maintenance, they’re not as long-lasting as metal screens.

Things to Consider Before Setting Up a Privacy Lattice

Blocking the railing

Lattices with larger holes are a bit more common, so you can always use an expandable lattice like this one and add more privacy with real or artificial plants.

Hung from the ceiling

A privacy lattice hung from your balcony’s ceiling won’t do a ton. But you could use it as the basis for a larger privacy setup, such as hanging curtains or plants, to create a more contained space.

Freestanding privacy lattice panels

Freestanding panels are ideal as space dividers or as a flexible privacy option. Unlike other lattices, they obviously don’t need to be fixed to a surface.

Wall topper

If you have a balcony wall rather than a railing, consider using a privacy lattice as a topper. A small expandable lattice is ideal for adding extra height and support for plants.

Plant support

In some ways, this doesn’t deserve its own entry because you won’t really be using the lattice for privacy. Instead, the plants you grow up it will be doing all the work.

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