Although a lot of plants enjoy a bit of a breeze, strong winds can damage plants and affect their growth.

You can use structures and the landscape to provide plants with a bit of shelter, but this obviously isn’t always possible.

So, how do you provide wind protection for plants? Here are 10 options that are suitable for all kinds of outdoor spaces to help keep your plants happy and sheltered.

Shade Cloth

A shade cloth can help protect your plants from the wind. They’re usually not made of impermeable fabric, which is a good thing.

Group Plants Together

Put the hardiest and/or tallest plants closest to the wind and use them as a shield. For example, you might set up some shrubs or small trees with flowering plants in front of them.

Install Perspex Sheets

Unlike shade cloths, Perspex won’t have any impact on light levels or privacy. If you plan to go down this route, use Perspex or polycarbonate sheeting rather than acrylic.

Plant a Hedge

Planting a hedge is a long-term solution that’s best suited to gardens or larger outdoor spaces. Hedges are one of the most effective natural windbreaks, which is one of their main purposes.

Use Hurdle Fences

The main advantage of hurdles is that you can move them, which is helpful if the wind constantly changes direction.

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