Get this Look: Chilled Out Natural Patio

by balconyboss
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We love how this patio makes full use of natural materials in everything from the chairs to the light fitting. Combine this with the laid-back color scheme and you’ve got a surprisingly modern yet inviting balcony. Read on to find out what you’ll need to get this look.

Our picks

You shouldn’t have much difficulty putting this look together. Even so, we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to!


Let’s start with the rug, which is a great way to add pattern and interest to the space. Gray leopard print isn’t a must, but we love it. You can buy the exact rug here.

Wicker chair

This wicker egg chair makes full use of the natural material and contrasts well against the darker furniture pieces. Of course, you could opt for a gray version to help it blend in or switch to a hanging version.

Seating set

This similar seating set brings together the color and style elements nicely, serving as a middle ground between the louder and more muted pieces.

Light fitting

If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling light on your patio or balcony, this wicker pendant shade will look great with the other natural pieces.


Cream cushion covers aren’t difficult to find, but neither are the gray leopard print ones. As always, cushions and throws are a great way of adding texture and interest to your furniture.


Rattan baskets are great storage items and go nicely with the woven planters. You’ve got no shortage of material options for either of these items. Combine it with a lantern, and you’ve completed the look!