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flags hanging from balcony

How to Hang a Flag on a Balcony

Knowing how to hang a flag on a balcony might not seem complicated. On the surface, it isn’t, but the process can vary depending on what kind of balcony you have. So, to help you out, here are some tips on how to hang a flag from a balcony. We’ll look at a few different

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how to grow real grass on balcony

How to Grow and Maintain Real Grass on a Balcony

Growing a grass bed for a balcony presents some unique challenges. While fake grass might seem like the easier option, real grass is almost always a better choice. If you want to know how to grow grass on a balcony, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover some important considerations before offering a couple of

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How to Paint Balcony Walls

Sometimes, painting your balcony is all you need to give your space a new lease of life. Whether you’re redecorating, covering weather marks, or simply want to spruce your balcony up, the process is super easy. In this article, we’ll cover how to paint balcony walls. We’ll look at the best types of paint, preparation

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winter balcony

9 Ways to Get Your Balcony Ready for Winter

With colder weather fast approaching, it’s time to think about what you’ll do with your balcony in winter. In warmer climates, there’s every chance you can continue using it. But, in colder areas, you probably won’t be sitting outside in the snow too much! Below, we cover how to keep your balcony warm in winter,

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balcony pallet couch

How to Build a Pallet Couch for Your Balcony

Outdoor furniture can be very pricey, and it’s often difficult to find pieces that match your style and the size of your balcony. Luckily, there’s a great alternative: a pallet couch. Also known as a pallet sofa, they’re super easy to make (you can even do it without tools). In this article, we’ll cover a

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how to keep rats away

How to Keep Rats Away from Your Balcony

Unless you’re keeping them as pets, no one likes having a rat problem. They’re smelly and dirty and can cause a range of illnesses if you come into contact with their leavings. But, how to keep rats away? Luckily, centuries of rat problems mean there are plenty of solutions. Here are some of the most

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