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We started this site after 10+ years of living in city apartments across the US, UK and Australia and noticing how little time people would spend on their balconies. They’re a luxurious (and more expensive) amenity to have, but they’re almost always the most underutilized space of an apartment.


Every balcony is unique and has its own decorating challenges – it might be super narrow, it might stare straight into a neighbor’s apartment, it might have a hideous view, or it might just be flat out ugly.

No matter what the issue is, though, it shouldn’t stop you from using it!!!

We have personally dealt with every kind of balcony decorating challenge and have “given up” in some situations because we just couldn’t find the right furniture or overall solution. This seems to be a common problem among people with balconies, and we want to help change that.

Our mission is to help you make your balcony space usable, and we want to help remove any obstacles that stand in the way of doing so.

We research and find creative ways for decorating balcony spaces of all shapes and sizes and at all budget levels. The starting point for our research is always based on our own experiences and questions we’ve had along the way.

Why waste valuable – and costly – square footage that can make your place even more awesome?