How to Clean Moss Off a Balcony

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Keeping your balcony clean is essential if you want a tidy, nice-looking balcony that is free from dirt, debris and other potential issues such as moss. Moss on a balcony is not only unsightly, it can actually be dangerous in some cases. If you are looking to clean moss of your balcony, consider the following guide that will help you understand what causes balcony moss, why you need to clean it, and how to get rid of it properly.

What Causes Balcony Moss

The primary cause behind the growth of moss on a balcony is moisture. When there is too much moisture, this creates an environment in which moss thrives. Moss is particularly common on wooden balconies, but it can grow on on other surfaces as well. Moss is especially common in areas that are not typically cleaned, such as balcony sides, corners, and flooring areas.

Why It Needs to Be Cleaned

You might be thinking: sure, moss looks unpleasant, but do I actually need to spend my time cleaning it? What if I just don’t care how it looks?

The truth is, moss needs to be cleaned because it can actually be dangerous. Moss is potentially dangerous for several reasons. One, it can contribute to mold growth; the presence of mold can create bacteria-ridden spores, which can damage your health. Two, moss can damage your balcony’s structural integrity, as it can cause holes. And finally, if moss is present on an area where you walk, it can be slippery; and you definitely don’t want to slip and fall on a balcony.

How to Clean It Off a Balcony

Now that you know why you need to clean up moss, it’s time to learn how to do it.

What you’ll need:

  • A rag
  • White vinegar
  • Scrub brush
  • Power or pressure washer (optional)

The steps to cleaning moss of your balcony are as follows.

1. Break out the vinegar

First, spray the moss with white vinegar or pour white vinegar directly on the areas where the moss is located. Let this sit for about 30 minutes.

2. Scrub

Now, take your rag and rub the moss vigorously. It should come off fairly easily after the application of vinegar. Use your scrub brush in order to get all the bits and pieces of the moss.

3. Rinse and (maybe) repeat

Rinse off the area with water and inspect it to make sure all the moss is gone. If it is still there, apply vinegar again, and scrub again.

If the moss is very stubborn, you may need to bring out a pressure washer and blast the moss away with a strong hose. In severe cases, you may need to purchase moss-killing solutions rather than vinegar, however most cases of moss on a balcony can be properly dealt with using vinegar rather than any cleaning solution.


The best way to ensure that moss does not grow on your balcony is to keep it regularly clean and to dry out areas that are vulnerable to moss instead of letting water accumulate time after time.