How to Clean a Concrete Patio Without a Pressure Washer

by balconyboss
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concrete patio with furniture during spring
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Concrete patios are a great place to hang out with friends and family, but they can also be an eyesore if they’re not regularly cleaned. One of the most popular ways to clean a concrete patio is with a pressure washer, but what if you don’t have access to one? If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can still clean your concrete patio efficiently and thoroughly. The following guide will teach you how to clean your concrete patio without a pressure washer tool.

What You’ll Need

The following are the basic tools and supplies that you will need in order to clean your concrete patio without a pressure washer.

  • White vinegar
  • Scrub brush
  • Baking soda
  • Bucket
  • Hose (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

The following are step by step instructions that you should follow in order to clean your concrete patio without a pressure washer.

1. Clear your patio

First, you will need to clear your concrete patio of all furniture and other objects. This will give you a clear space to work with as you begin the cleaning process. If there is any loose debris on the patio, such as leaves, clean them off before you move on to the next step.

2. Create cleaning solutions

Next, you’ll need to create your cleaning solutions for the concrete patio. For the bulk of the patio, you can create a simple vinegar solution by mixing one part water with one part vinegar in a large bucket.

The second solution you’ll want to make is a baking soda solution. For this solution, mix one gallon of water with a half cup of baking soda. This solution will be used for any deep-set stains that aren’t removed using the first mixture.

3. Scrub the patio

Pour your vinegar solution over any dirty or stained areas of your concrete patio. Let it sit for no more than 10 minutes, and then scrub the areas with a cleaning brush.

If there are any stains that don’t lift up with the vinegar solution, use your baking soda solution and place it on the stains. Allow it to sit for no more than 10 minutes, and then scrub hard into the concrete. This should lift up even deeply set stains.

4. Rinse thoroughly

After you are done cleaning the patio, it is time to rinse it off. If you have a hose, you can spray down the patio; make sure you get any areas that were cleaned using your vinegar or baking soda solutions. If you don’t have a hose, using a bucket is fine.

5. Let area completely dry before replacing furniture

This last step is crucial: always let your concrete patio completely dry before you replace any of your patio furniture or other objects. If you place the furniture back onto a damp patio, you will increase the risk for mold and mildew growth in the areas where the furniture is covering damp concrete. Ideally, let your concrete dry for at least 24 hours after it is cleaned.

Final Thoughts

Having access to a pressure washer is nice, but you can still thoroughly clean your concrete patio without one, as long as you follow all the necessary steps. Now, go out and enjoy your patio!