7 Ways to Keep Raccoons Away from Your Outdoor Space

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Knowing how to keep raccoons away from your balcony or outdoor space is vital if you don’t want to be dealing with their mess. As they’re pretty intelligent animals, you often need to be a bit resourceful.

Read on to find out the best options for how to get rid of raccoons if they’re bothering you.

Why are Raccoons Bad and Where are They a Problem?

Raccoons can be found throughout North America in both urban and rural areas. As such, they’re essentially a problem no matter where you live.

But why should we avoid them? Well, raccoons are bad because:

  • They can bite if they feel threatened
  • They can carry diseases, such as rabies
  • They can carry pests that transfer to your pets, such as fleas, mites, and roundworm
  • They make a mess

In short, raccoons aren’t ideal neighbors. So, let’s look at how to get rid of raccoons and how to keep them away.

How to Keep Raccoons Away: 7 Options

1. Raccoon repellant

A raccoon repellant (or raccoon deterrent) will typically be an ultrasonic device (such as this). It emits a high-pitch noise that animals don’t like. Of course, it might bother your pets, too.

2. Don’t leave food out

Raccoons will come searching for food more than anything else. So, one of the best raccoon deterrents is to not leave food out on your balcony or porch. This includes trashcans, bird feeders, pet food and people food.

3. Secure your garbage cans

If removing your trashcans from your balcony or garden isn’t an option, secure them instead. You can either use metal trashcans with heavy lids or put something on the lid. The best options are bungee cords or a heavy stone.

4. Cut back trees or shrubs

This is the only tip specific to balconies or other raised platforms. If you’re wondering how to keep raccoons away, making your space inaccessible is a good option. They’re skillful climbers, so cut back trees or shrubs that they could use to jump onto your balcony.

5. Install motion-activated sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers are another good raccoon repellant. They squirt water when activated, which should be enough to scare a raccoon off. Better yet, they’ll work for other animals.

6. Get rid of water sources

Much like removing food, get rid of water sources, too. This could be a birdbath, a pet bowl or a paddling pool. If you’re serious about knowing how to get rid of raccoons, removing water is a good start.

7. Keep it tidy

Finally, keep your balcony or outdoor space tidy. If there are few hiding places and there’s no waste food on the ground, raccoons will have no reason to come looking.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Keeping raccoons away isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can take some commitment. As you can see, though, the solutions for how to get rid of raccoons are generally preventative rather than reactive. Of course, getting into a good routine will help.