5 Best Types of Pothos for a Balcony

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There are numerous pothos varieties available, but some are better suited to growing on a balcony. While they’re easy plants to care for, it mainly comes down to the plant’s price. After all, some rare pothos varieties can sell for hundreds of dollars!

In this article, we’ll look at the 5 best types of pothos for growing on a balcony.

Why Choose a Pothos?

The main selling point of pothos is that they’re resilient. They’re very shade tolerant, and many varieties are great for beginners. Also, pothos look nice in hanging pots, supported by moss poles, or growing up walls or balcony railings.

In warmer climates, pothos are often considered an invasive species because of how fast and large they grow. This shouldn’t be a problem when growing pothos varieties on a balcony, though, as you’ll likely have them in pots. If you plan to plant pothos in the ground, check your local regulations first.

5 Best Types of Pothos for a Balcony

There are 2 main differences between pothos varieties: size and variegation. Variegation is when a leaf has colored markings (such as white, gold, or red) and this can massively increase the plant’s price. We’ve included some here, but think twice about putting one outdoors if you pay a lot of money for it.

1. Golden Pothos: Best all-rounder

Golden pothos is the most common of the pothos varieties. As the name suggests, its leaves have a slightly golden hue, and they can get quite large in the right conditions.

This variety can grow up to 12ft., although you’ll regularly see ones that take over whole rooms! It’s one of the best types of pothos if you want it growing up a wall or scrambling along your balcony railing.


  • Easy to care for
  • Can get very big
  • Good for hanging pots or growing along railings


  • Can only be outside in frost-free climates (covered balconies should be fine)

2. Hawaiian Pothos: Best for serious length

The Hawaiian pothos is the largest of the pothos varieties. In the right conditions, its vines can reach 15ft. or more! It’s perfectly happy in shady spots, making it ideal for covered balconies or north-facing areas.

The leaves get quite big, and it has some great variegation. You’ll want to keep an eye on the vines and trim them before they get too big.


  • Ideal for growing on railings for privacy
  • Leaves have great variegation
  • Disease-resistant


  • Can quickly become unmanageable

3. Jade Pothos: Best for pots

Although any of the pothos varieties work well in pots, jade pothos is perhaps the best. Its vines are a bit shorter, and it looks best cascading from a hanging pot.

The leaves are a more defined heart shape than other types of pothos and, as the name suggests, are a deep jade color. It’d look amazing grown next to lighter green plants.


  • Much deeper green than other plants
  • Looks great cascading from pots
  • Heart-shaped leaves add interest


  • Needs much warmer climates to grow outdoors

4. Neon Pothos: Best for contrasting color

If contrasting colors are your goal, neon pothos will work in your collection. It’s essentially the opposite of jade pothos – its leaves almost glow neon green with plenty of yellow.

The vines can reach 6ft. in length, so it’s another that’ll work best in a hanging pot or grown on top of shelving. Trim it regularly to keep it bushy and producing bright yellow leaves.


  • Highly contrasting color
  • Works well in hanging pots
  • Not as large as other pothos varieties


  • Requires more care than others

5. Jessenia Pothos: Best for slow growth

A slow-growing plant is preferable in some situations, particularly if you don’t like repotting all that often. If so, Jessenia is the best type of pothos for you.

It has slight variegation and will work fine outdoors in warmer climates. Its growth speed also means it’ll be ideal in shady areas, as light will have less impact on it.


  • Slow growing
  • Stays small and compact
  • Ideal for shady balconies


  • Won’t be ideal for fast results

Final Thoughts on Pothos Varieties

This list is by no means all the types of pothos you’ll find. It’s also worth noting that some, such as Jessenia and jade pothos, will typically be available in specialist stores. If you see a pothos in a supermarket or hardware store, it’s likely a golden.

Regardless of which of the pothos varieties you choose, they’re an easy way to add interesting greenery to your balcony.