8 Reasons to Add a Moss Pole for Your Plants

by balconyboss
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Using a moss pole for plants is about more than just visual appeal. They provide numerous benefits that can lead to happier, healthier plants. So, here are all the reasons why you should consider using a moss pole for your plants.

8 Reasons to Use a Moss Pole for Your Plants

1. Provides support

The most obvious reason to use moss poles is that they provide support. It’s particularly important for climbing plants, such as pothos and monstera, which would normally grow up other plants in the wild.

2. Mimics the natural environment

On that note, another important benefit of adding a moss pole to your plants is that it mimics their natural environment. Unlike bamboo canes or a trellis, the moss can provide the plant with micronutrients, which it gets through its aerial roots.

3. Can stimulate bigger leaves

A plant’s aerial roots help it cling to whatever it’s growing up, but they also function much like its roots in the soil. Over time, contact with a moss pole can trigger the development of larger leaves, signaling a healthier plant.

4. Offers better contact

Along with providing something to grow up, the moss’s texture gives the roots something to cling to. So, adding a moss pole for plants means they have something to grow up and that the plant’s contact points are sturdier, allowing it to support more weight.

5. It looks nicer

Moss poles are practical but also aesthetic. If you’re growing a climbing plant, would you rather look at a bamboo cane or a moss pole? Probably the latter. It’s less obvious than other forms of support and adds to the overall natural vibe of your potted plant.

6. Reduces the plant’s footprint

While not always necessary, adding a moss pole for your plants means they grow vertically rather than trail or cascade down. Sure, you might want the occasional cascading plant, but smaller footprints mean more room for other plants!

7. Gives you better control over your plant

If it wasn’t already obvious, using a moss pole for plants gives you better control over its shape. A monstera is a perfect example of why this helps. Without support, they can grow everywhere. However, if you use a moss pole, you can direct the plant by tying it to the pole. You could even use more than one pole to provide different growth directions.

8. Greater flexibility over placement

Similar to the point about reducing the plant’s footprint, using a moss pole gives you greater flexibility over placement. For example, if you were to grow a pothos up a wall, you can’t move it without a lot of effort. Growing it up a moss pole, however, means everything is contained in the pot.

Final Thoughts on Moss Poles

Using a moss pole for plants is a great alternative to other support options. They’re super easy to use, and learning how to train your plants up them will provide long-term benefits. So, get out there and start making moss poles!