Best Asparagus Companion Plants for Balconies

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Choosing companion plants for asparagus mainly focuses on repelling pests and not disturbing the soil. Although companion planting can also help with attracting pollinators and fixing the soil, these aren’t really important with asparagus.

Below, we’ll cover the best companion plants for asparagus, along with what not to grow near them.

Best Asparagus Companion Plants

1. Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are pretty much an all-round companion plant. They serve as a trap plant, meaning they attract slugs and other pests away from your valuable food crops. Nasturtiums also emit scents that repel a wide variety of pests.

You don’t need to grow them in the same pot as asparagus. In fact, your best option for maximum coverage of your balcony crops is to grow nasturtiums in a railing planter (such as this).

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family, which is a decent set of asparagus companion plants. The main benefit of tomatoes is that they contain solanine, a poison that repels asparagus beetles.

Helpfully, asparagus roots repel root-knot nematodes, pests that attack the roots of tomatoes and some other nightshades. As such, this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Growing them together on a balcony is suitable in a planter such as this.

3. Parsley and Basil

Parsley and basil attract pollinators (always a good thing) and can help repel asparagus beetles if you don’t feel like planting tomatoes. They can also help keep away insects that feed on the beneficial bugs you might find in your asparagus pots.

4. Eggplant

Eggplant is another member of the nightshade family. All types of eggplant are suitable asparagus companion plants for the same reason as tomatoes. Another useful point is that they can provide shade to the delicate asparagus spears in warmer climates.

What Not to Grow with Asparagus

Knowing what not to plant with asparagus is pretty straightforward, as there are only 2 main types of plant. Better yet, the chances of you planting them in the same soil on a balcony are basically zero, so just make sure you keep these plants well away from each other.


Although potatoes are another nightshade, they compete for soil space with asparagus. Both have similar root structures in that they can be long and wandering. However, growing them in separate pots avoids this issue, so it shouldn’t be a problem on a balcony.


Alliums include garlic, onions, leeks, etc. They emit aromas and chemicals that can stunt the growth of delicate plants like asparagus. While this is most obvious when planted in the same soil, you’ll want to keep them as far apart as possible, or simply not grow one in favor of the other.

Final Thoughts on Companion Plants for Asparagus

The best asparagus companion plants for a balcony are ones that you don’t need to grow in the same pot. This is because asparagus likes a lot of space to do its own thing. However, with the right container, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping asparagus and tomatoes together.