7 Best Outdoor Curtain Weights for All Situations

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Outdoor curtain weights are ideal for stopping curtains from blowing around. While they won’t always work in strong winds, they’re fine for mild breezes and for weighing down lighter curtains.

Choosing weights for outdoor curtains isn’t difficult, but there are different ways to go about solving the problem. So, in this article, we’ll look at our top picks and the pros and cons for each.

What are Outdoor Curtain Weights?

Weights for outdoor curtains are simply heavy things that fix to the bottom of your curtains. The purpose is to prevent curtains from blowing around by making them heavier.

You can choose from purpose-designed curtain weights or use various other objects. There are also some DIY options, although these might not always look as nice. Whatever you use, the goal is to make your curtains heavy enough to not blow around.

Best Outdoor Curtain Weights

1. Bekith clip-on pendants: Best visible weights

While these are labeled as tablecloth weights, they’ll work fine as outdoor curtain weights. If your weights are going to be visible, it makes sense to go with some that actually look nice.

These weights clip onto your curtains and weigh 3.6oz. each. As such, they should be suitable for mild winds but won’t be heavy enough for strong winds. You’ll be able to use them on all fabric types and both hemmed and unhemmed curtains.


  • Actually look nice
  • Fairly heavy


  • Clips won’t withstand heavy winds

2. EAU drapery weights: Best hidden weights

These are designed specifically as curtain weights to hide in the hem. Each weighs roughly 1oz. but you could easily put all 11 in one curtain (providing the railing can hold that much).

The only real downside is that you might need to unpick the hem, so some sewing skills are needed.


  • Designed to be hidden
  • 11 in a pack – plenty of weight


  • You’ll need to know how to sew

3. Vanzavanzu shower curtain weights: Best for weather resistance

If you need weights for outdoor curtains that are weather resistant, why not use shower curtain weights? As you might expect, these are non-rust and are also fairly heavy.

Better yet, they’re magnetic, so you don’t need to sew to install them. They’re coated in silicone, so shouldn’t cause any damage if they do blow around.


  • Weather resistant
  • Magnetic
  • Can be used on curtains, tablecloths, etc.


  • Quite bulky compared to other options

4. Penny weights: Best for DIY

If you don’t fancy sewing or want a cheap hack, you can make your own outdoor curtain weights from pennies. Simply get some pennies and paperclips and a hot glue gun. Stick a stack of pennies together and then glue a paperclip to one end.

Then, hook these into the curtain hem to weigh it down. Of course, it won’t be the most attractive option but it saves you from having to buy specific curtain weights.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to make


  • Not super attractive

5. Leaded drapery tape: Best for lightweight curtains

This leaded drapery tape is a good option if you don’t need to add too much weight. For example, you might have light and airy curtains, or you might only be working against a very minor breeze.

As the name suggests, this is a strip of coated lead. You sew it into the curtain’s hem but you could thread it through an opening instead. It weighs 1oz. per yard, so it’s not that heavy. Still, it should be enough for the applications mentioned above.


  • Easy to hide in curtains
  • Suitable for lighter fabrics


  • You’ll need a lot for stronger winds

6. Wanlian ceramic curtain weights: Best for not using metal

The options mentioned above almost all use metal. While they’re rust-resistant, it’s understandable that you might not want to introduce lead into your outdoor space (such as if you have pets or kids). In these situations, these ceramic weights will be better.

Each weighs nearly an ounce, and there are 20 in the pack. Overall, you get 13.4oz., which should be enough to work in light and mid winds. As with the other hidden weights, you add them into the curtains’ hems.


  • Non-metallic option
  • Suitable for light winds
  • Could be used on any fabric


  • Lighter than metal weights – not suitable for stronger winds

7. ABCCanopy sand bags: Best for freestanding curtains/canopies

Sure, these sand bags aren’t specifically weights for outdoor curtains, but they deserve a mention here. You’d use them to weigh down a freestanding curtain frame or canopy, which is just as important as weighing down the curtains themselves.

Plus, if you wanted to get creative, you could easily fix the bottom of your curtains to the sand bags with a few clips. Doing so would stop anything but a hurricane from blowing your curtains away!


  • Designed to weigh down canopy frames
  • Weather resistant
  • Includes loops for staking


  • Not specifically for weighing down curtains

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Curtain Weights

There you have it, a roundup of some of the best weights for outdoor curtains. Of course, these are only to give you a taste of what’s out there, but these picks cover all the main types.

The most important things to consider are your curtain fabric and the wind strength. Knowing these will help you pick out the perfect product for your outdoor curtains.