The Bamboo Fencing Buyer’s Guide

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bamboo fencing on a balcony
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Bamboo fencing is a useful product for a range of gardening projects. It works for privacy, decoration, or even as a plant support.

While there’s not a ton to consider when choosing a bamboo fence, you might get overwhelmed with all the options out there, so it’s worth learning about the differences in products so you can make an informed pick.

And that’s what we’ll cover in this article. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying bamboo fencing.

What is Bamboo Fencing?

bamboo fencing

Unsurprisingly, bamboo fencing is a fence product made from bamboo. It’s often called bamboo reed fencing, but this isn’t an accurate term. Reed fencing is a different product entirely, but you’ll often see the term used in online listings. This is little more than a search engine trick.

Bamboo vs. Reed Fencing

However, there aren’t considerable differences between the two. Reed is typically much cheaper but it won’t last as long as bamboo. You can find out more information in our article on reed fencing.

There are also stylistic differences, but these should be obvious. Reed is thinner and usually darker than bamboo, meaning it suits slightly different décor styles.

Uses for Bamboo Fence

The uses for reed fencing and bamboo fence are pretty similar, though. You might want to use bamboo fencing for:


A bamboo privacy fence is easy to construct in all kinds of outdoor spaces. It comes as rolls, meaning you can cut it to size, and it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to install.


Bamboo also makes a good shade screen. The fact that you can buy bamboo roller shades should highlight this use.

Plant Support

You could use bamboo fencing as support for a climbing plant. If opting for this use, you’ll need to make sure it’s well supported. A bamboo fence pushed into the ground won’t have enough stability to hold up a mature plant.


Bamboo looks great with all kinds of décor styles. For example, you could use a bamboo patio divider for a tropical-themed space. It also works well with boho, beach themes, or pretty much any other natural theme.

Décor choices aside, bamboo fencing works well for disguising less attractive areas. You could use it to hide a chain-link fence or to cover bins or AC vents, for example.

Types of Bamboo Fence

You won’t find a ton of variation in the types of bamboo fence on offer. That said, make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Color. Bamboo is almost always a yellow-brown color, although there is some variation. For example, blue and black bamboo exist, but you typically won’t find fence panels made of these.
  • Height. Bamboo fencing will usually be between 4 and 6ft. in height. However, bamboo canes can grow 20ft. or more, so there’s really no limit.
  • Thickness. Again, there’s a lot of variation. Bamboo will always be thicker than reed – expect a minimum diameter of half an inch per cane.

Most bamboo fences are sold as rolls of canes. However, you might also find fences made from pieces of bamboo cane. They come from much thicker canes, which are then cut into several pieces to make something similar to normal fence panels.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing doesn’t have a ton of disadvantages, but it’s worth weighing everything up before making a purchase. So, here are the main pros and cons.


  • It typically lasts longer than reed or willow fencing.
  • Bamboo is a strong material.
  • It’s naturally water-resistant.
  • Biodegradable.
  • You could decorate it how you see fit.


  • Bamboo is more expensive than other fencing products.
  • It’ll need some kind of support – posts, another fence, balcony railing, etc.

As with reed fencing, it’s difficult to adjust the height of a bamboo fence. It involves cutting each cane and, while it’s less prone to splintering than reed, it still takes ages. Make sure you buy the most suitable height for your needs.

The length, however, is very easy to change. Bamboo fencing is most commonly held together with metal wire. To make the fence shorter, you just need to cut this and retie it as appropriate.

6 Best Bamboo Fences

Now that we’ve got an idea of what to look for, let’s go over some different bamboo fencing products. There’s a pretty big market, so use these as examples of the types of bamboo fence you can buy.

Best for Plants: Alphatool Bamboo Trellis

As you might already know, a trellis is great for plant support. This bamboo trellis combines all the benefits of bamboo with the convenience of a small fencing product. Better yet, it’s expandable, so you’ve got plenty of flexibility over placement.

It’s 12 inches tall and 70 inches long, although nothing is stopping you from installing it vertically. The bamboo canes are held together with screws, which give the fence a bit more security than if they were tied.

There’s not much negative to say about this product, other than it’s not a full fence. But for growing plants, it’s ideal.


  • Useful for plant support.
  • Could be used inside or outside.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not a full fence.

Best for Balconies: Mininfa Rolled Bamboo Fence

We’ve picked this bamboo fence for balconies because it’s 4ft. high. Although that’s on the shorter side, it’d be ideal for covering a glass balcony railing or adding height to a balcony wall.

The canes are held together using galvanized steel wires, which are weather-resistant. However, it means you’ll need a pretty strong pair of cutters if you want to shorten the fence. At 6ft. long, though, there’s not much chance of this being the case.

Importantly, the canes are tightly packed, so it’ll be useful for privacy, too. Overall, this is a pretty good option for balconies.


  • Tightly-woven canes make a dense barrier.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Ideal for balcony privacy.


  • Fencing is only 6ft. long.

Best for Décor: Gardman Split Bamboo Fencing

This bamboo fencing is made from split canes. As mentioned, it gives a different look to normal bamboo and is also much flatter. Whether or not this is an advantage depends on your needs.

However, it’ll be useful as a cover for a more ugly fence or as a bamboo privacy fence. You could even use it as a bamboo patio divider if you gave it enough support. At 13ft. long, it’s pretty versatile.

One thing to note is that split bamboo fences aren’t as strong. The canes can be a bit flimsy, so you’ll want to provide plenty of support to keep them upright. Also, if you live somewhere windy, avoid this option entirely.


  • Different look to normal bamboo fencing.
  • Flatter – easier to fix to existing fences.
  • Long roll is easy to work with.


  • Not as strong as normal bamboo.

Best for Shade: Backyard X-Scapes Bamboo Decorative Fence

At 3ft. high, this bamboo fence will work well for providing shade. For example, you could fit it to the top of a wall or around a patio. It could also work well as a border fence around a flowerbed or to hide an AC vent.

Each roll is 8ft. long, so you’ve got plenty of fence to work with. Also, it’s fairly easy to cut to size because the galvanized wire isn’t too thick. Just make sure you twist it back together otherwise the whole panel will come apart!


  • Shorter than normal – good for fence topper.
  • Dense enough to provide shade.
  • Easy to work with.


  • Thinner canes aren’t as strong.

Best for a Different Color: Harbor Gardens Natural Bamboo Fence

Although color isn’t usually an issue with bamboo, this product shows that there’s more out there than just beige. The bamboo is brown because it’s a different variety than what’s typically used, giving you a slightly different look to your outdoor space.

It’s 3.3ft. high, so it’ll make a good bamboo privacy fence for somewhere like a balcony or deck. Similarly, you could use it to hide bins or an AC vent. However, it’s not tall enough to use as a privacy fence elsewhere unless you stack two rolls on top of each other!


  • Different color to standard bamboo.
  • Still behaves the same.
  • Easy to work with.


  • Canes aren’t packed as tight as some other products.

Best for a Project: DIY Bamboo Fence

Making a bamboo fence isn’t particularly difficult, although it can be time-consuming. After all, you need to tie every cane together individually, and this can take hours if you’re making a big fence panel.

Even so, it can be a fun project that offers much more flexibility than a ready-made product. Check out our articles on DIY bamboo fencing for a range of ideas and styles.

Final Thoughts on Bamboo Fencing

You should now be able to go out and buy the perfect bamboo fence for your outdoor space. As you can see, there’s plenty of variation in styles, sizes, and even types of bamboo.

Now all you need to do is figure out how you’re going to install it, and you’ll be good to go!