Everything You Need to Know About Balcony Netting

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While not always the most attractive option, balcony netting is a great way of keeping things in (or out). It’s a good compromise between security and visibility, so definitely has its merits.

Choosing the right apartment balcony netting entirely depends on your needs. To help you out, here’s a guide for choosing the right net for your balcony.

Before we get into the specifics, though, here are our top picks for balcony netting:

Best Balcony Netting for Kids: Cardinal Gates Deck Shield 15′

Best Balcony Netting for Pets: EMILYPRO Child Safety Net

Best Balcony Netting for Birds: DQS Bird Net

Best Balcony Netting for Mosquitos: BILIENTE Garden Netting Fine Mesh

What is Balcony Netting?

As the name suggests, balcony netting is net that you install over your balcony’s opening. It’s a good option for keeping things in or out because it doesn’t completely block off light and views while still providing enough security.

The most common uses for balcony netting are for:

  • Kids (mainly around safety)
  • Pets (usually cats and dogs)
  • Mosquitos and other bugs
  • Birds
  • General security (dropping things over the edge of your balcony)

While you might have a different need for balcony netting, it’ll likely fit into one of the above categories.

Considerations Before Buying Balcony Netting

When you start shopping for a net for your balcony, make sure you consider the following to ensure you choose the right product.


Perhaps most importantly is the intended purpose. Netting comes in different sizes and materials depending on what you plan to do.

For example, a mosquito net for a balcony will be much finer than something to stop your cat from getting out. Similarly, netting to protect children will need to be more durable than something to keep birds away.

To make it as clear as possible, the selections below state which they’re best for. Of course, in some situations, you can use the same product for different purposes. A mosquito net will be fine for keeping birds out, but if you’re protecting pets or kids, this should be your main need.


Another factor dependent on purpose is installation. Balcony netting for pets and kids must be fixed securely to the balcony railing, as a kid will come at it with more force and weight than a bird or bug will.

For mosquito and bird netting, you can usually get away with just hanging it on some hooks or zip tying it in place. Most products bought as balcony netting will come with installation instructions.

Again, protecting kids and pets should be your main priority when deciding how to install the netting.


Most balcony netting is made from polyester, nylon or another similar material. You could use something like plastic coated chicken wire, but this lacks the flexibility of fabric netting.

Ideally, look for a synthetic material that’s rated for outdoor use. This means it’s rot- and weather-resistant. Some might include UV resistance but this is less important than anti-rotting.

Best Apartment Balcony Netting

The products suggested below are only guidelines, but they should give you a good idea of what works best for each use.

1. Cardinal Gates Deck Shield 15′

Stopping kids from getting through balcony railings requires a pretty durable product like this one. Look for something made from polypropylene (PP), as this type of balcony netting is more like plastic chicken wire than fabric mesh.

Along with providing greater durability, it hopefully also means kids are less likely to get fingers or hands stuck in it. The netting linked above has half-inch gaps, which are about the right size.

You can get plenty of other indoor kid netting for bannisters and railings, but it might not be durable enough for outdoors. PP netting is UV- and weather-resistant, making it a much better choice.

You can install it using zip ties, so it’s pretty easy. Its only downside is that it isn’t as chew-proof as netting, meaning it won’t be suitable around pets.


  • Secure and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof


  • A dog could chew through it

2. EMILYPRO Child Safety Net

Balcony netting for pets doesn’t need to be as durable as something you’d use around kids, however there are other considerations. Depending on the pet, you might need polyester or nylon fabric netting rather than PP plastic.

Nylon balcony netting like this is more chew-proof than PP, making it more suitable around dogs. However, cat owners shouldn’t have as much of a problem with chewing, so they’ll have more options when it comes to balcony netting for cats.

Installation is easy; you just zip tie it to the railing. The main consideration when choosing the best type of netting for your pets, though, is the size of the net holes. You’ll want to keep them fairly small, as cats might try to squeeze through larger netting. This particular netting has 1 3/4 inch holes, but the type of pet you have might limit your options as a result.


  • More flexibility in material
  • Weatherproof options
  • Easy to install


  • Be careful when picking hole size

3. DQS Bird Net

To keep birds out, you need a far less durable product than for keeping pets in. Almost any kind of polyester or nylon net will do, providing the holes are small enough like with the DQS Bird Net. After a while, the netting becomes more of a token gesture, as birds will learn to avoid it.

Anything labeled garden netting will work, particularly if it’s designed for use on plants. It should be weatherproof as a result, too.

Pay attention to hole size, as small birds might get caught in it. Also, finer netting is good for better visibility but tangles easily.


  • No specific type required
  • Garden netting is very common
  • Easy to keep birds out


  • Fine netting can be a pain to install

4. BILIENTE Garden Netting Fine Mesh

Bug protection netting obviously requires the finest mesh you can find, particularly for something like mosquitos. However, much like bird netting, it’s a common problem, so there are plenty of options.

Any type of balcony greenhouse or gardening netting like this one will work fine. It’ll be weatherproof and durable as a result, making it perfect as balcony netting.

That said, some finer netting is very delicate, meaning you could rip it during installation. The only solution is to be careful, as balcony netting for mosquitos needs to be very fine.


  • Readily available
  • Choice of materials
  • Outdoor versions already exist


  • Can be difficult to install

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best net for your balcony depends on what you need to do. Hopefully, this article has given you some direction in choosing the right balcony netting for your needs. Just pay attention to material and netting type when making your pick.