How to Keep a Flag from Wrapping Around a Pole

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flag wrapped around pole on balcony
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Having a flag on your balcony is great, but there’s little point if the flag keeps getting twisted around the pole. Luckily, there are plenty of options to stop this from happening.

In this article, we’ll cover how to keep your flag from wrapping around a pole.

Why do Flags Wrap Around Poles?

flag wrapped around pole

Simply put, your flag keeps getting twisted around the pole because of wind. Known as furling, it involves the loose end of the flag getting caught in a gust and wrapping itself around the pole.

How to Keep Your Flag From Wrapping Around a Pole: 6 Solutions

Considering we can’t control the wind (particularly on a balcony), we need to look for other solutions. Here are some of the most effective.

1. DIY flag weights

The most obvious solution is to weigh the flag down. There are plenty of options for DIY flag weights, including:

If the weights don’t have clips, you could simply sew them in place. The stronger the wind, the heavier weights you’ll need. However, make sure they won’t come off and hit someone in a particularly strong gust.

2. Spinning flag pole

One of the most effective solutions if your flag keeps getting twisted around the pole is to replace it. Spinning flag poles have ball bearings inside, so they spin with the flag.

3. Anti-furling kit

An anti-furling kit is essentially the same thing, except you don’t need to replace the whole flag pole. It consists of spinning brackets, which you slide over the pole. As such, it’s a cheaper and easier solution.

4. Buy a heavier flag

Most commercial flags are nylon or polyester, which are lightweight materials. But if you want to hang a flag and not add any extra bits, you’ll want a heavier material. Something like canvas is ideal because it’s heavy and weather-resistant. Just bear in mind that it will set you back a bit more in cost.

5. DIY flag stabilizer

A flag stabilizer is usually a rigid pole that clips onto the bottom of a flag to stop it from furling. However, you could make your own using a clip, a pole bracket, and a plastic rod.

That said, flag stabilizers aren’t expensive, and you’d be lucky to buy all the materials for less money.

6. DIY spinning flag pole

This hardly counts as a DIY option because there’s not much to it. Simply attach the flag to the pole using zip ties. Loop the zip tie around the pole, making sure it’s loose enough to spin but tight enough to stay in place.

You can check out this short YouTube video for a visual demonstration.

Final Thoughts on How to Keep a Flag from Wrapping Around a Pole

Hopefully, some of these solutions will help if your flag keeps getting twisted. It’s worth noting that they’re all fine for American flags because they don’t interfere with the way it’s hung.

So, whatever flag you’re flying, at least you now know how to stop it from wrapping around the pole!