8 Ways to Protect Your Balcony from Snow

by balconyboss
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Protecting your balcony from snow can help reduce the chances of damage while also increasing safety. Sure, snow on its own isn’t a massive nuisance, but once it packs down into ice, things can get a bit dangerous.

So, here are 8 tips to protect your balcony from snow. Be sure to check out our other article on getting your balcony ready for winter, too.

How to Protect Your Balcony from Snow

1. Grit

A proactive measure is to lay grit before it first snows. There are plenty of different mixes, but even normal salt will do the job. Note, though, that this could cause damage to wood if used excessively.

2. Hang a tarp

Hanging a tarp can help stop snow from settling on your balcony. Of course, you’ll need to be creative with how you install it. At the very least, just throw it over your balcony, but you could also build a frame to make a temporary enclosure. Be careful if you have heavy snowfall, though, as snow is heavy.

3. Build a permanent enclosure

Alternatively, you could build a permanent enclosure for the winter. Doing so means you can still use the space without worrying too much about the temperature and weather. This is, obviously, not a viable option for renters.

4. Be proactive

Granted, this isn’t really about stopping snow but more about being prepared. Be sure to bring in whatever you can before it snows and to cover furniture with weatherproof sheets.

5. Add a roof

If you want to keep your balcony open but prevent snow, adding a roof will work. Use corrugated plastic sheets, as these are strong enough to withstand a lot of snow. Build wood frames for each sheet and they should be easy to secure in place.

6. Space heater

A space heater (or patio heater) can help melt snow, making it more manageable. There are options for freestanding or wall-mounted patio heaters. Generally, freestanding ones are more powerful because they’re gas-powered, but then you have to factor in having a big propane tank on your balcony!

7. Brush it off

This is more of a reactive measure, and probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone living in a snowy area. Simply brush it off your balcony before it settles too heavily. Either push it off the side if it’s safe to do so or collect it in a bin for later disposal.

If you plan to use a snow shovel, plastic is the best option for balconies. Also, a handy disposal tip for upper-floor balconies is to melt the snow in a bathtub or shower using hot water!

8. Heated mats

If you’ve got a bit of money to spend and want something less obvious, try heated outdoor mats. Set them on your balcony floor before it snows, and you won’t have to worry about it settling.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your balcony safe from snow requires a mix of proactive and reactive measures. Hopefully, some of the options suggested here will work, no matter whether you rent or own.