How to Flatten Artificial Grass

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Has creased and curly artificial grass left you wondering how to flatten it? Luckily, it’s not all that difficult if you’ve got a bit of patience.

In this article, we’ll go over all the options for how to flatten artificial grass. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a nice flat rug that’s free of curls and creases!

Why Does Fake Grass Curl?

The simple answer as to why fake grass curls when you first open it is that it’s been rolled up for a while. Manufacturers roll fake grass (and other rugs) under pressure, so they take up the least room possible during storage and shipping.

The materials hold this shape for a long time depending on when the rug was made, so it can take a while to press out the creases. Think of it the same as a creased T-shirt.

Considerations Before Uncurling Your Grass Rug

Type of fake grass

While there are many options for fake grass, the material of the grass doesn’t matter as much as the backing. Materials like rubber will hold their shape for much longer than something like polyester webbing. Don’t let this influence your buying decision, though, but just be prepared for a bit more work.


If you plan to fully install your fake grass, you’ve got a bit more freedom. But if you’ve bought a grass rug or mat, you’re better treating it like any other curled rug.

5 Ways to Flatten an Artificial Grass Rug

1. Lay it out flat

The most obvious place to start is by laying it out flat. Do this with the curls facing down. So, if the mat is rolled up with the grass on the outside, lay it grass side up. You should leave it for up to 48 hours, ideally in a sunny spot.

2. Roll it the opposite way

If that hasn’t done much, the next option for how to flatting an artificial grass rug is to roll it up again. This time, roll it the opposite way. Make sure you roll it really tight and secure it in place. Leave it for a day or two, and it should undo some of the curling.

3. Weigh it down

Just like you would with a curly poster, weigh the grass rug down while it’s resting. Some plant pots will be ideal, as will any other heavy outdoor item.

4. Let the sun help

For rubber-backed rugs, the sun will be a great help. It’ll warm the rubber up, making it more pliable. So, lay your grass rug in the sun with the rubber facing up. Then, stretch it a bit by pulling on opposite sides before flipping it over and weighing it down.

5. Use a carpet kicker

If your artificial grass is fully installed, a carpet kicker can help. It grips into the fibers and stretches them out. You could try it on a grass rug, but nothing is stopping it from springing back into place.

6. Hang it up

This might not be the most viable option for how to stop fake grass from curling. If your rug isn’t too heavy, consider hanging it from a washing line or railing. Its own weight should help to pull out creases and curls. However, don’t do this if your rug takes two people to lift because it could cause some damage!

Final Thoughts on Flattening Artificial Grass

So, there you have it, plenty of options for how to flatten an artificial grass rug. With a bit of patience, you should be able to get yours nice and flat before you start using it.