9 Ways to Keep Outdoor Cushions from Blowing Away

by balconyboss
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Knowing how to keep outdoor cushions from blowing away is useful if you don’t want to be picking them up every 5 minutes. Of course, the most effective solutions will depend on whether you prefer function over appearance.

Either way, here are 9 options for how to keep outdoor cushions from blowing away.

How to Keep Outdoor Cushions from Blowing Away

1. Velcro

Let’s start with a solution for how to attach cushions to outdoor furniture: Velcro. Adhesive Velcro strips attach to both the cushion and the furniture, securely fixing your cushion in place.

Unlike other options, this one can stay well hidden. The strips should stick to fabric but, if not, sew them in place.

2. Furniture cover

When you’re not using your furniture, throw a cover over it. In covered areas, a heavy canvas tarp will be best. In uncovered areas, use a plastic tarp for extra weatherproofing. Of course, you’ll then need to fix this down, but it’s much easier to work with than individual cushions.

3. Cushion ties

Another option for how to attach cushions to outdoor furniture is to buy ones with ties. Cushion ties are pretty self-explanatory. They’re ribbons or string on the back that’ll tie around a piece of furniture.

This is more of a forward-thinking solution if you haven’t already purchased cushions and are worried about the wind in your outdoor space. If you already have cushions you love – and they don’t have ties – stick to the other suggestions on this list.

4. Cushion weights

To keep your outdoor cushions from blowing away, try using curtain weights. You could either use magnetic ones fixed to the cushion or hidden weights inside the cushion cover. Of course, you could use literally anything heavy hidden inside the cushion cover.

5. Bungee cords

If you’re looking for how to keep outdoor cushions from blowing away when not in use, get some bungee cords. You can simply wrap these around the cushions and furniture, and they should be tight enough to stop the cushions from blowing away.

6. Curtain clips

If you’re only working with a light breeze, curtain clips should do the job fine. One side hooks into the cushion and you then clip them to your furniture. They won’t be strong enough for anything more than a light breath of air, though.

7. Rope

This is a pretty basic option but is useful if you don’t want to spend money on solutions. Just tie the cushions down with some rope, which you should wrap around the furniture. Of course, it doesn’t look great, but it’ll keep the cushions from blowing away while you’re not using the furniture.

8. Hook and eye closures

Hook and eye closures are essentially the fasteners used on bras. Providing you’re handy with a needle and thread, you could easily sew one side into a cushion. Depending on what you’re attaching it to, you could tie or sew the other side to another cushion or piece of furniture. Much like the curtain clips, this won’t work for anything more than a light breeze.

9. Bring them inside

Granted, this isn’t really a solution for how to keep indoor cushions from blowing away, but it also is. When you’re not using them, just take them inside. After all, they can’t blow away if they’re not in the wind, right?

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, 9 options for how to keep outdoor cushions from blowing away. The most effective (and least obvious) solution is probably Velcro. Providing you have a surface to stick it to, it ticks all the boxes for keeping your cushions in place.

Of course, if you want something less obvious, cushion weights would probably be the next best solution. Regardless of what you use, be sure to put your outdoor cushions into storage when you’re not sitting on them so they don’t blow away!