DIY Greenhouse Ideas That Will Work On a Balcony

by balconyboss
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Building a DIY greenhouse on your balcony is a great way to customize it to your space. The process can be simple or more complex depending on how much time and DIY knowledge you have.

So, here are 6 DIY greenhouse ideas suitable for a balcony.

Buy or DIY?

First, you must decide whether it’s worth buying or making a greenhouse. The most obvious advantages of a ready-made greenhouse are:

  • It comes with all the necessary parts
  • It’s generally much easier (although you still need to build it)
  • There are plenty of small and cost-effective options suitable for balconies

However, there’s obviously less flexibility over size. If you have an awkward-shaped balcony, for example, you might need to sacrifice some greenhouse space.

On the other hand, the benefits of a DIY greenhouse are:

  • You can design it to suit your exact needs
  • You have more flexibility over materials
  • It can be more permanent than a small store-bought greenhouse

The main disadvantage is that the materials could cost more than a ready-made greenhouse. However, it’s still a fun project nonetheless!

For more information about choosing the best materials, check out our greenhouse buyer’s guide.

DIY Greenhouse Ideas

We won’t list the full steps for each greenhouse here because they can be pretty long-winded. Instead, we’ll suggest some ideas for a DIY greenhouse we’ve found that will work on a balcony.

1. Basic Wood-Framed Greenhouse

image credit: wayneofthewoods

This method has you covered for a basic wood-framed polytunnel greenhouse. Ignore the steps relating to the raised bed, and you’ll probably need to adjust the sizes, too.

2. Low-Cost Polytunnel

image credit: PondPlantGirl

Also known as a hoop tunnel, this method is ideal for covering planters over winter. Better yet, the materials are super cheap if you shop around.

3. Shed Greenhouse

image credit: The Runner Duck

This DIY greenhouse might look large, but you could easily adjust the measurements to suit your balcony. Alternatively, with different adjustments, you could turn your whole balcony into a greenhouse!

4. Pallet Greenhouse

image credit: anthonywin

This greenhouse is perhaps the best option for a balcony. It’s small, low-cost, and super easy to build. The instructions use plastic sheeting, but swapping this out for double-thick polycarbonate will give you much better insulation and UV protection.

5. Tabletop Greenhouse

Another good space-saving option for a DIY greenhouse is this tabletop design from Mega Crafty, which uses an old CD case. Alternately, you can make another design from old windows instead.

6. Collapsible Greenhouse

Finally, we have another great DIY greenhouse option for a balcony: a collapsible model. It uses PVC piping, which you can then fix to a wall for a foldout greenhouse – a great space-saving measure. Better yet, you could add a hose attachment to the central pipe, drill some holes, and use it to water your plants!

Final Thoughts

A DIY greenhouse is perfect for getting the most from your balcony. While store-bought options are convenient, they lack the same kind of flexibility. What’s more, the plans suggested here are pretty easy to adapt to your chosen space and materials. Happy building!